Our mission is simple:
  • To enable a smooth transition of the electricity sector to high penetrations of solar energy generation
  • Raise the allowable level of solar within our electricity networks

Solcast delivers operational solar energy modelling and forecasting technologies, based on a fusion of unique and disparate data sources. We work directly with the energy industry to remove the uncertainty associated with behind the meter PV generation and large utility scale sites. Our data is global, with increased detail and update frequency in satellite coverage areas - currently Australia, North and Central America and East Asia.

Live API Data Sample:

The graph below is a live example of our utility scale site/park forecasts. Here we are displaying data for the under-construction Darling Downs utility scale site in Queensland, Australia. This graph uses our satellite-based estimated actuals API for historical data, and our satellite and weather model based API forecast product out through 7 days. Once the utility scale site is operational, our system automatically learns to improve the forecast, and we add finer time granularity options.

Access our estimated actuals and solar forecasts via the Solcast API
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PV System Simulation Demo

The Solcast API allows simple, fast PV output estimates and forecasts globally. This demo shows the 1-day forecast from the Solcast API for a PV system given its location, orientation and capacity.


James Luffman

James Luffman Co-founder, CEO

James is a former operational meteorologist, and has broad experience as a senior manager in the commercial weather industry. James is an expert in designing, building and operating real-time modelling systems for commercial applications, bringing key expertise to the deployment of our operational products and services. James sees the integration of increasing solar and storage as a singularly critical technology challenge of the next 10 years.

Dr. Nick Engerer

Dr. Nick Engerer Co-founder, CTO

Nick is the Chief Investigator on a $3.6M ARENA distributed solar modelling project, which is commercialising new technologies into Solcast through R&D at The Australian National University. He is an expert in the field of solar radiation and distributed solar PV modelling, and has co-founded Solcast out of a sincere desire to raise the maximum penetration levels of solar in our electricity networks. Nick displays an unusual level of passion for developing applied research projects and collaborating with industry to make big ideas a reality.

Read more about Nick at: nickengerer.org

Darren Reid

Darren Reid Developer

Darren is a Software Developer with broad experience designing and building large scale products and services to government as well as software tools for other developers. Darren brings these skills and expertise to Solcast with a strong desire to see solar electricity generation grow in Australia and around the world.

Partnered with the Australian National University

Solcast is partnered with The Australian National University through an Australia Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) funded research project which will deliver distributed solar modelling and forecasting services to eight Australian distribution networks. This industry focused applied research project will commercialise new technology into Solcast annually over the 2016 to 2019 period.

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Contact Us

Please direct enquiries to:
James Luffman james@solcast.com.au or Nick Engerer nick@solcast.com.au

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