06 February 2019

FREE Solar Radiation Historical and Forecasting Data for Researchers

Solcast wants to give you the data you need for your research work for FREE (no cash required!). As a researcher, we'll provide you with access to our Recent and Historical solar irradiance data for non-commercial research use for up to 5 existing Solcast weather sites!

Solcast is providing Free Access to Solar Irradiance Historical and Forecasting Data for Researchers

solar-irradiance-global-coverage-map-RD-FREE-data copy.png Join researchers from around the world in using Solcast data to accomplish their solar mission & build the solar powered future

As a university researcher, when it comes accessing solar irradiance data for your academic research, it can be quite hard to obtain the right datasets to complete your work.

Paid datasets are prohibitively expensive and require grant funds to purchase them, which isn’t a great option for PhD students or graduates, nor for academics looking to establish proof of concept for a bigger idea.

Free data are often not maintained, scattered about and lack supporting information. Moreover, they can be of questionable quality and no one is around to answer your questions when you get stumped!

Our mission is to enable you to build the solar powered future

At Solcast, our purposes is to enable hard working people all around the world with the data and tools they need to accomplish their solar mission. In our view, this type of enablement is critical for building the solar powered future, now arriving more quickly than ever before!

The challenges of accessing solar radiation data are particularly problematic for the researchers who want to contribute to the incredible transformation occurring in our electricity sector, as their efforts will inherently require access to solar radiation and/or solar power generation data, at high spatial and temporal resolutions. But, up to now, those datasets have missed the mark. Either they are outdated, lack support or cost too much!

FREE solar irradiance data for your research project

We’ve aimed our resources directly at this problem, and want to give you the data you need for FREE (no cash required!). As a researcher, we’ll provide you with access to our Recent and Historical solar irradiance data for non-commercial research use for up to 5 existing Solcast ‘weather sites’ (solar radiation data).

How do you get your FREE solar radiation data?

To take advantage of this offer, you’ll need to be willing to agree to some straightforward terms of use, all of which are aimed at helping us accomplish our mission while you accomplish yours (namely, getting the word out about this great offer!.

These terms of use are:

  • You put a link to the Solcast website (http://solcast.com.au) on all your research and project web pages for the duration of your use of our data, which attributes Solcast as a data source on the project. The attribution should mention “solar irradiance data” or “solar forecasting data” and “Solcast”.

  • You attribute Solcast in any publications or articles or releases regarding your project, and include a link to our website (http://solcast.com.au)

  • You share us preprints of your publications at least one week prior to publication (we want to see what awesome work you did!)

  • You only use our data for non-commercial research use, and you don’t share our data with any third parties without our explicit written permission

  • You don’t do or publish anything that could be reasonably expected to cause damage or harm to Solcast’s reputation

If you need data for new sites, or for many sites, talk to us about options. Don’t worry, even if it’s significant work for us, we’ll only make a cost proposal to you based on cost recovery for our time at cost.

That’s it! If you have any further questions, hit us up on the chat bubble at bottom right!

Get started on you FREE data access

To get started on accessing your R&D data, contact our CTO (Nick) via the chat bubble at the bottom right of this page. In your message please do to the following:

  • Indicate that you agree to the above terms; and raise any limitations you have on complying with them
  • Let us know what research institute you are working/studying at
  • Provide a list of latitude & longitude locations for your historical data (if applicable)
  • Let us know what data types you require and the time period being requested
  • And be sure to visit the registration page so you can get started (NOTE: we recommend using your .edu email address so we can confirm your research status straight away)!

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Dr. Nick Engerer

Dr. Nick Engerer

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Nick is an expert in the field of solar radiation and distributed solar PV modelling, and has co-founded Solcast out of a sincere desire to enable others to build the solar-powered future.

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