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Rooftop Solar

Tuned rooftop solar PV forecasts, for one site or thousands, anywhere in the world.

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Data Specifications


PV Power (kW)

Forecast probabilities

10th and 90th percentile forecasts provided for: PV Power (kW)

Spatial coverage

All continents (Rapid update actuals and forecast data) Global (forecasts)

Time granularity

30 minutes (period mean only)

Update frequency

Every 10 or 15 minutes

Time span (Forecast)

Present time to +7 days ahead

Time span (Realtime)

7 days ago to present time

Power modelling – Included Metadata options

Maximum installed capacity

2,000 kW

Tracking systems supported?


Minimum metadata you need to provide

latitude, longitude (and capacity, if you don’t upload or post measurements)

Additional metadata you can share for better forecast

azimuth, tilt, AC capacity, DC capacity, loss factor, install date

Multiple tilts/tracks supported?

No. You can create and group multiple sites, or you can use tuning.

Power modelling - Included tuning options

Detects your site specifications from measured data?


Learns about shading, slope and other site-specific factors?


Minimum period of measurement data required to start improving your forecast with tuning

6 weeks (12 months is ideal)

Minimum measured data parameters we require

Total power output (kW)

Additional measured data parameters you can post for a better forecast


Allowable time granularity of your measured data

One-off historical upload:

  • 1 to 30 minutes (5 minute means every 5 minutes is ideal)

Live data posting to Solcast API:

  • 5 to 30 minutes (5 minute means every 5 minutes is ideal)

Automated HTTP post of live or recent measured data to our API, for continuously updated tuning and live accuracy tracking?


Privacy agreement for your measurement data?


Ability to permanently delete your measurement data?


  • Pricing
  • Watch this space

    Web pricing for our rooftop forecasts will be published mid 2019. Until then, go ahead and create your test site and begin using live forecasts.

    For single site residential hobbyist users, be assured we won’t be pricing you out. We salute your innovation!

    Contact Us if you need to discuss pricing now, or speak to one of our Enterprise Partners

    If you have a number of sites for a project, or you need pricing now, just get in touch

Frequently Asked Questions

How does your rooftop solar forecast handle split arrays or shading?

Add your PV site, upload some historical data (6 weeks for starters) and our PV tuning algorithms will handle the individual behaviour of your solar array for you.

I’m using to track my data, how can I add forecasting capability for my site?

Share your site ID with us, and we can automatically run your PV site through our tuning algorithms and provide you a trained forecast.

How are you producing solar forecasts for individual rooftop sites?

We use a fleet of next generation weather satellites to track cloud cover globally; we know whether it is cloudy or sunny at your location now, and make predictions of how that is likely to change in the near future.