Solcast API

A global, easy to use solar data API

Solcast is committed to smoothing the transition of the energy sector to high penetrations of solar energy generation. Our API services reflect this commitment, by making forecasts of solar radiation and power output easily accessible.

Our API services are free to access while in beta (expected through October 2017).

Solar radiation and estimated PV system power output data anywhere on earth

With our API service, you can:

Provide your location and basic PV array characterstics, and instantly get a PV power output forecast

Access our worldwide solar radiation estimates to power your own modelling or research

Get real-time estimated actual radiation data anywhere in satellite coverage areas - Australia, North and Central America and East Asia as of August 2017

Provide us with power output data from your fleet of PV systems, and we'll apply analytics to individualise your forecasts

Born from research, focused on solar

Through partnerships with universities and the energy industry, our solar radiation forecasting and modelling technology is powered by the latest and best peer reviewed science.

We feature a fusion of unique and disparate sources - satellites, weather models, solar inverters, electricity network information - all of which enable Solcast to model distributed solar in unmatched detail.

We're not a weather company, we're not environmental engineering consultants, and we don't model wind energy. Solcast focuses solely on the modeling and forecasting of solar radiation and energy.

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James Luffman or Nick Engerer

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